APPLICATION NOTE: This dual action wipe material is smooth on one side and has melt blown polypropylene surface on the other. This special fabric provides additional scrubbing action for tough soils such as paint, adhesives, plaster, ink, grease, and other tough to clean soils. when starting to clean hands, use the side with the melt blown polypropylene first to remove the heaviest soils. Then turn the wipe over to the smooth side for final cleaning. Repeat with additional wipes if needed.

The cleaning solution on the wipe is fast drying and does not require a separate rinse or drying towels. Competitive "scrubby" wipes leave a soapy film on your hands that require you to risne off an dtowel dry, whereas the JNJ hand Cleaner wipes are a truly a waterless hand leaner that can be used at the work bench, in the shop, or in the field. 

 HC Wipe closeup